Why Life Coaching? To avoid ‘Recalculating!

Gee Alex, give me “How do I get there from here?” for $1000.

Sound familiar. The essence of successful coaching is asking the right questions. Often, we know what the objective or goal is. But, it is the assemblage of directive questions that closes the gap between desire and accomplishment. Not unlike a quick search on MapQuest, the easy part is entering where we are and where we want to go. Our inquiry stems from how to get there.

The difference between timely progression of life goals and stagnancy can often be broken down into when to turn right, and when to turn left. We all love the time when our GPS is silent (no pesky corrective voice) as we travel a long stretch without turns. How many join me in an admitted irritation as the GPS recites again and again, RECALCULATING, when we miss our turn? Life can be filled with ‘recalculating’. A good life coach can keep those missed turns to a minimum.

To avoid a constant ‘recalculating’ journey, start with the right questions. For starters, do we want to take the scenic route? Or the most direct? Is the goal the most valuable if obtained quickly? Or with rewards along the trail?

Dr. Seuss was once quoted as saying, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

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-written by James Anderson, founder and director of Expecting More!

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