Why Do Some Insist on Micromanaging?


x and o chalkboardWhen you use the expression X’s and Y’s, they mean different things to different people. Those familiar with football may equate the letters to designations of wide receivers on a chalk board. But, what I had in mind today has more to do with motivational theories.In 1960, Douglas McGregor developed what is referred to as Theory X and Theory Y. Don’t worry, it isn’t too complicated. What it breaks down to in leadership jargon is the difference between authoritarian (or militaristic) leadership, and empowerment leadership. I’ve grown to embrace a blended leadership strategy is often better than a pigeon hole alignment. Different people respond to different leadership. So the best way to have a singular approach is to resign yourself to leading a maximum of one person. Bear with me a second to dig a little deeper.

Theory X inspires authoritarian leadership. It is based on the idea people are primarily lazy and won’t do anything unless you tell them to. Theory Y inspires an empowerment model based upon a belief that people will seek out challenging work and additional responsibilities. Upon further review, I believe our style can be traced to the filters through which we live our lives. Our technique and strategy is most likely a result of our views as they were shaped in response to our world. And our culture and environment can be a major contributor. Take for example, if we grew up in a community of ambitious doers, and initiative was rewarded, we may have developed more confidence in people. We would view others as Theory Y suggests, with a desire to succeed. But, if our life was drained through a filter surrounded by those avoiding responsibility and work, it would be easy to develop a sense that this was the norm. Naturally, when elevated to a position of leadership or management, we would feel the need to micromanage with instruction and direction every breathing human being around us.

Just a thought. Reflect for a moment, and maybe you can find the keys to trusting and empowering others. America needs more synergy as a result of multiplication rather than addition.

– written by James Anderson

Expecting More Founder and Director James Anderson

Expecting More Founder and Director James Anderson

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