The Gift That Everyone Enjoys

winnerWith just a few more days till Christmas, a stark reality hits. This is it. There will not be another one. Well, there will be other Christmases. But, not another Christmas 2014.

This past weekend, my wife, daughters and grandchildren convinced me to go Christmas caroling. I said it. Christmas caroling. And yes I did not step in a time machine and it is still the 21st century. And for your further amusement, I have a rockin’ baritone voice. We all piled in a car and went to the front door step of some old friends, acquaintances’, and shut ins. My first impulse was to excuse myself from the exercise. But, my wife quickly reminded me of my debt from over 20 years ago when I was pastoring and dragged my children out for a similar venture.

So here I was a reluctant caroler. Then it happened. I saw the bright gleam in the eyes to whom we had given this great gift. It was without price, yet priceless. I saw the smiles and was quickly reminded what mattered most to people. Our willingness to share our time.

You remember that commodity. The one that you can never get back, and it flies away at break neck speed this time of year. We rush from one place to another, pushing our blood pressure to tilt trying to get that bargain or perfect gift. We fill up at Starbucks so we can hopefully forget our lack of sleep. We may even have our mail forwarded to the food court at the mall. And then in a flash, it is over. Another Christmas conquered. A splendid meal, lots of scotch tape, and January’s credit card bills. But, in all our giving, did we give the gift most would prefer? Our time, our true expression of love. Or were we too busy.

I believe in the concept that adding value to others is a worthy lifelong cause. And nothing adds value to a life of another, more than our yielding of that precious thing called our time. So while we engage in a plethora of activities, let us not forget what others desire most is to share a moment with us. To enjoy our company. To laugh together, and even sing together. Maybe even dance together. Things will come and go, but the memories of shared moments live on.

So this Christmas, let’s give the awesome gift that is often overlooked. Our time. It is what others desire the most. Nothing says I love you more.

And may we not forget the greatest gift, and the reason for the season. The gift that made us privileged to not just time, but eternity. God’s own son, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

James Anderson is founder and director of Expecting More


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