How to Use Expecting More’s Personal Finance Worksheet

Personal budget tracking

givingDebt is an anchor in life that we all want to cast aside. It restricts freedoms and compromises dreams. The best way to overcome debt is to be proactive in creating a strategy to eliminate it. This video describes a free resource available on our website. We offer a personal finance worksheet that can be personalized to meet your individual needs. The worksheet has various tabs. The first is a Personal Debt Tracker. This sheet allows you to chart your accounts, and keep a running total on your monthly statements tracking your progress. If you do not watch your debt, it will only continue to grow. The tools are designed to not be complicated, and can be used by anyone. This is part one in a three part series on how to utilize the free worksheet available at

Here is part one on how to you our


Simply download the form below. Let us know how it works for you.

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