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Happy guyRecently, I engaged in a couple of out of town trips that reinforced a concept that I try to adopt regularly. If you’re like me, everyday can be a challenge to keep priorities in order, and still smile at the end of the day. When our feet hits the ground, the clock starts ticking. We set forth to conquer a day we will never get back. And somehow, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done.

A long time ago I heard a teacher say, “You decide what kind of day you are going to have by 10 am in the morning”. I believe this is true. If a conscious choice is made to have a good day regardless of what happens, you have a much better chances of overcoming whatever comes your way. Whether it is sales, management, ministry, or managing a family, a plan to maintain a healthy attitude is key.

Part of the success revolving around this plan involves having a plan from the start, and choosing ahead of time how your choices will be ordered. Unfortunately, some choose to start their day saturated in negativity. Whether it is left over from the previous night, a bad dream, or an insistence to search for bad news with your morning coffee. We are all emotional creatures, and it is important to check these emotions at the start of the day. Here is a little guidance when ordering your day for a positive outcome.

1.  Take a Minute to Wake Up.

A few sound practices from moment one are stretching, drinking water, and absorbing a little light before trying to think too much. Your brain becomes more alert during these activities. As someone who loves coffee, I would never suggest avoiding that first cup. But, tap out after two. Excessive caffeine can drain your adrenaline for the day, cause fatigue later, that will try to re-navigate your emotions.

2. Eat something.

I know you’ve heard it before. But, it is the most important meal of the day. And the one you have the most chance of burning all the calories off.

3. Avoid email checking and Facebook if possible.

Yes, I said it. These are areas where others can choose what your day will be like by bombardment of emotion triggering content. When it comes to email, I admit I check mine with my coffee. But, only opening those items that are early am tasks related to my work. I need these to order my day. The rest, I leave for later. And by all means avoid that negativity kamikaze when you step in the office. Don’t let others destroy your day first thing in the morning.¬† Mr/Mrs/Miss Bundle of Joy can wait until you have sound footing.

4. Do work that demands creativity first.

Your imagination is most co-operative before your mind is bogged done with 10,000 tasks. The reason most people struggle with creativity is because they place it on the bottom of their list. Whether you are writing, designing, crafting a plan or a strategy, or preparing a proposal early engagement when the mind is fresh will produce greater results. ‘But what if those around me invade this creative space?’ Let them know you are working on an important project. In most situations, creative work is the life blood of any organization, and it can include problem solving and trouble shooting. But, be sure to budget time you will spend here. You have to move on at a point. Even use a timer if necessary. When you begin this practice, you will be amazed how many fresh ideas you will find. Prioritize them, and make notes for later if needful.

5. Get your exercise. Take a swim with the sharks.

Now you need to look danger in the face. Your emotions should be more resilient, and your confidence a little stronger that this is the day you will succeed. Look at the hard task of the day, and order them by priority. Review the complaints, the emails, the negative reports, and strategist which are most important. Return your phone calls and emails to establish which ones will demand significant time, and start making a plan to overcome the obstacles. Respond with healthy emotion to your emails, even the nasty ones. Break down what it is going to take to ‘jump the sharks’ for the rest of the day.

6. Take a break.

A small walk is good. Stretch. Look yourself in the mirror, and say, “I knew it! This is going to be a great day!”

A few quick hits:

Take a pause before lunch to review your project (creative) notes. Meditate on those during lunch. Decide which ideas are worth keeping. Do the same at the end of the day so you regain balance of creative thought before returning home and to your family. Meditate on answers instead of problems when you are away from your work.

I hope this will help you have another great day. Enjoy the journey!

– written by James Anderson

Expecting More Founder and Director James Anderson

Expecting More Founder and Director James Anderson

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