Challenge Accepted!

As the Super Bowl has again come and gone, it reminds me of a few years ago, when suddenly the lights in the New Orleans Super Dome went down during the big game. (Although the halftime show almost compelled me to channel surfing). During the 34 minute break I watched the myriad of jokes and comments scroll across social media. It was evident to most that someone was in big trouble somewhere. I must admit, that was my first thought. My wife reminded me that if I was there, I would be less than graceful in pursuit of explanations. However, on further review (I love football puns), somewhere at the Super Dome, a star was being born.

One can only imagine the chaos. But consider the top performers in the crisis. Someone, somewhere, established themselves as having exceptional competence by making the adjustments, providing alternatives, and creating a game plan on the fly. Refusing to submit to the dilemma, ‘players’ were behind the scene making an awful situation manageable until the lights came back on. Sure, today I am sure someone is having the worst day of their life. But, consider others who are sincerely being congratulated for their composure and versatility.

What sets us apart is not always what we do when things work properly. It is how we respond when the wheels fall off (or the lights go out). True leaders are often distinguished by their ability to manage adversity. It is the exceptional skill set that overcomes gliches, hiccups, and power outages. Planes are much easier to fly, until they are riddled with bullets and fuel lines are leaking.

Before throwing up your arms, screaming, and running for the exit, just remember the next great break down might be your glaring opportunity to work a miracle.

Embrace the opportunity of adversity. In the words of the infamous Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted”.

Have a great day!

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