Are All Managers Successful Leaders?

Managers and LeadersMany organizations have limited time and resource to cultivate leadership qualities. As a result, they often paint with a very broad brush. This often ends in minimal results, which does little to affirm follow up efforts to repeat this type of training.

The first thing one must consider is the canvas upon which one hopes to paint. I must plead guilty to often assuming the same curriculum or seminar would produce consistent results throughout past years. However, it is a good idea to pinpoint your goals in leadership development, and customize a plan for those being trained.

If an organization needs to raise its leadership quotient, it must either recruit, or train leaders from within the organization. But that choice may be more complicated. I have discussed before the core difference between managers and leaders. A manager tends to be task centric, as opposed to leaders being goal centric. That does not mean a manager cannot have their skill sets enhanced by leadership training. It is not an either or proposition. Nothing is lost in any form of education to raise standards. But, what is the ultimate goal in mind? Expectations of a trainer can exceed realistic results. Re-navigating an individual away from their core makeup is unrealistic. You will face a frustrating path if you insist on hammering a task centric employee or volunteer into a goal centric one.

Which brings us to the main topic? If the goal is to enhance managers skill sets with leadership traits, by all means, this is doable. But, look closer at the tools (ie: Trainers, classes, education, seminars, etc.) you hope to use. Maybe the real goal is to help them be a better manager, more than it is to create a leader. It takes us back to’ what are the exact goals looking to be accomplished?’ Maybe the first goal could be enhancing communication skills. This would be a good sample of applicable leadership growth that should not conflict with a manager final role.

As always, a little forethought will net more efficient results. Don’t blame the canvas when your intended masterpiece does not come to life. First, examine the brush.

Happy Leading!


Expecting More Founder and Director James Anderson

-written by James Anderson, Founder and Director of Expecting More

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